Complaining about complaining

Just another day at the office today. Another, miserable day at the office. Don’t get me wrong: it’s okay here. But the day is miserable. This is one of those days that make you wonder about why you’re actually doing what you’re doing. Does sitting here really make a difference for your future or for society? Does it really? I can’t see how it makes a difference. I don’t. For me it’s important that I’m here for my future. Read that literally: it’s important that I’m here. Because, really, my contribution is not that big. If I’d skip a day, it’ll look like a big deal, but it actually isn’t.
So I’m wondering, what should I do to make that difference for my future? To make a difference you need to work hard. And I don’t mean sitting behind your desk from 08.30h till 17.00h. That’s not working hard. Whoever claims it is, that’s just bullshit. Bull. Shit.

If you really want to make something of your life, you need to work hard. Sweat. Call. Travel. Beg. Convince.
We all know that, yet we settle for less. We settle for an office job and complain how miserable our lives are.

I guess that’s life until we burn up.


Here you have your knife back, you left it in my back

Thorn in my throat
Fist around my heart
Tears in my eyes
Lies in my ears
Betrayal through my veins
Hate in my brain
Just go away..

22-04-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.

The letter that I’d love to send you

Warning: This post contains words of extreme violence that some might find disturbing and should not be read by young children.

You piece of crap,

You sicken me. Hope you choke in your saliva while you sleep. Hope you end up in the middle of nowhere, get raped in the butt with a blunt knife, dipped in acid and get salt on your wounds after. Hope you’ll drown in a big, dark ocean and that you can slowly and consciously feel the life leaving your body.

Hope you’ll end up in a Saw-scene where your teeth are getting pulled out, one by one, slowly while twisting them. Then you’ll get a mix of salt and alcohol to rinse your mouth. But you can’t spit it out, no, you need to swallow it down. And while the liquid is slowly entering your body through your esophagus, a knife will follow the liquid. You’ll be stabbed in the throat and the knife will go down, with the liquid, while still in your body. You need to be ripped open, because you’ll never learn.

While your body is – literally – open, you’ll be moved from your place. You’ll be tight up against the wall. It’s time for Chinese torture. Drip.. Drip.. Drip.. Waterdrops on the same spot, until you go insane. For hours, for days, for weeks. You need to be tortured, because you’ll never learn.

And just before you go insane all the way, you’ll get untied. Don’t worry, love, you’ll survive. And this time you’ll get a choice. Would you like to sit on a chair with rusty nails and needles or do you prefer lying down on – constantly – hot coals? Choose wisely, because you have to spend at least a day on them. You need to be punished, because you’ll never learn.

But I would never let you die. Never. I enjoy seeing you suffer way too much. No, you’re one to stay alive. Forever and ever. Until natural death do us part.


Yours truly,


The painful past, the painful behind

The rope is breaking
One last wire that keeps it together
If you let it be as it is, it will break

But if you decide to re-braid the rope
Will the wire still hold?
Or will it break by surprise?

Either way you’ll end up fucked

29-03-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.

Familiar stranger

My feet slowly get lifted
The ground disappears, because of lack of emotions
This feels familiar, yet unwelcome
Nesting under my feet, while my absence secretly starts slipping away
My conscience observes, yet it’s not aware
Looking without focus, talking without hearing

Blurry environment

Is it him again that is looking for me?

15-03-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.

Hope you’ll step on a lego while walking

People who don’t know how to walk should not be allowed to enter the streets. I’m not talking about people with a disability. I’m talking about healthy people with two legs and a working brain who just don’t seem to know how to walk properly. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s annoyed by this. Because if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re one of those people. In that case you should definitely keep on reading so you won’t bother other people anymore and they will stop having thoughts about you that are prison appropriate.

Let’s sketch a scenario. You’re at the mall and you need.. shampoo. You know where to be, but you entered the wrong side of the mall. It happens. So you’re thinking to yourself: should I keep on walking, or should I just leave the mall and use the other entry? You decide to keep on walking. In the end you’ll lose just as much time as when you leave the mall. WRONG.
As you’re walking towards the drugstore in the mall, a lady is walking in front of you. She’s walking slowly, which already annoys you, but okay. You’ll just wait until you get the chance to walk past her. IF you get the chance. (I think you can already tell how irritated I am by now. And this is just a sketch. Imagine how I feel in real life)
Finally, after five minutes you see a way to walk past her. As you’re speeding up the tempo, she decides to walk in your way. Yes, again. So you can’t walk past her. You’re starting to get annoyed and you just tap the lady on her shoulder and ask if you can pass. This is the moment when she gives you the look of evil. Yes, she does. The nerve, huh? You decide not to make a big deal out of it, because you’re happy you can pass her.

So you continue walking towards the drugstore for your shampoo. And, believe it or not, there’s another obstacle. This is fun to read, isn’t it? This time it’s a couple and they’re holding each other’s hands. First you think: ah, how cute that they’re in love. But then you remember you need to get your shampoo and they’re blocking the way. The “ahhh” transforms into “argh!!”. And again, they don’t know how to walk. First they walk slowly. Then they start giving you hope by speeding up the tempo. But then all of a sudden the lady stops. You almost bump into her. And as if that isn’t bad enough, she starts talking to some old friend she hasn’t seen in ages and they’re blocking the way. Yes, they are. This time, with your previous experience, you decide not to wait any longer and tap her on the shoulder. “Excuse me lady, can I pass through, please?”, you ask with a friendly smile. Again, the filthy look, but she gets out of the way.

By now you’re very annoyed and you’re thinking about buying the shampoo another time. But remember, soldier, you’ve come a long way and the next time you just need to start over again. With this in mind you keep on walking. This story wouldn’t be fun with just two examples, would it? So we’re adding another scenario. This time there’s a woman with a baby buggy and another child walking next to her. This is the ultimate challenge, soldier. Are you able to pass them without losing temper? Let’s find out.

So the mommy, the buggy and the little kid. You know what, I’m so very irritated, that I’m not even going there. You get the point: people don’t know how to walk and they’re rude.

BUT! I have found the solution for this.

Behold. The perfect solution for people who don’t know how to walk in public areas. I’ve thought about this many times, but when I actually saw a relevant picture on the internet, my life brightened up a little. Now, let’s replace “New Yorkers” with “Hurrying/Normal people” and “Tourists” with “dumbasses who don’t know how to walk”. Any dumbasses crossing the border will get a fine of twohundred bucks. Cash. And they need to adopt a chicken or whichever farm animal makes a lot of sound. That’ll teach them.

Et voilà, our problems are solved. Writing this blog post was my contribution to the solution of this problem. Now, who’s going to write a letter to the government?

No need for dinero, because 25.000 euro could not be the hero

Picture is not mine, click on it for source

Besides being sarcastic all the time, I also like to write poetry. Everything I write should not be taken literally. Think about what you read, just like I thought about what I wrote down. It may look like it makes no sense, but it actually does. There are no grammar mistakes, it’s all meant to be written this way. Oh, and this poem has nothing to do with money or its value. 

A hundred voices
All at the same time
All at once

Do I listen to one, two or all of them
The sound is high
Too high
Too much

Every penny needs a side
Which makes no sense
If you don’t think about it

Come with me
To the land where we can be total failures
Where we all have no one
To the land where screaming is no problem

We fall down as waterfalls
Hard and painful, but together
We re-unite in our grave
As one, as a whole, together

Everything you stand for doesn’t stand
Without a side
Without two sides
It just glows in the dark

Like a stone, a gem from another planet

14-02-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.