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The lion awakens

The inner me wants to escape
I can feel it
The pressure against my body
The spirit is getting bigger than the packaging

Can I control it?
Should I control it?
Do I want to control it?

How long can I stop me from me?

05-06-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.


I need your face smashed on the ground

Just when
I think I got rid of you
You jump right back

If this was a a game of bungee jumping
And you jumped back again
I’d cut your rope

With no regrets at all
You’d make the final fall

13-05-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.

Complaining about complaining

Just another day at the office today. Another, miserable day at the office. Don’t get me wrong: it’s okay here. But the day is miserable. This is one of those days that make you wonder about why you’re actually doing what you’re doing. Does sitting here really make a difference for your future or for society? Does it really? I can’t see how it makes a difference. I don’t. For me it’s important that I’m here for my future. Read that literally: it’s important that I’m here. Because, really, my contribution is not that big. If I’d skip a day, it’ll look like a big deal, but it actually isn’t.
So I’m wondering, what should I do to make that difference for my future? To make a difference you need to work hard. And I don’t mean sitting behind your desk from 08.30h till 17.00h. That’s not working hard. Whoever claims it is, that’s just bullshit. Bull. Shit.

If you really want to make something of your life, you need to work hard. Sweat. Call. Travel. Beg. Convince.
We all know that, yet we settle for less. We settle for an office job and complain how miserable our lives are.

I guess that’s life until we burn up.

Hope you’ll step on a lego while walking

People who don’t know how to walk should not be allowed to enter the streets. I’m not talking about people with a disability. I’m talking about healthy people with two legs and a working brain who just don’t seem to know how to walk properly. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s annoyed by this. Because if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re one of those people. In that case you should definitely keep on reading so you won’t bother other people anymore and they will stop having thoughts about you that are prison appropriate.

Let’s sketch a scenario. You’re at the mall and you need.. shampoo. You know where to be, but you entered the wrong side of the mall. It happens. So you’re thinking to yourself: should I keep on walking, or should I just leave the mall and use the other entry? You decide to keep on walking. In the end you’ll lose just as much time as when you leave the mall. WRONG.
As you’re walking towards the drugstore in the mall, a lady is walking in front of you. She’s walking slowly, which already annoys you, but okay. You’ll just wait until you get the chance to walk past her. IF you get the chance. (I think you can already tell how irritated I am by now. And this is just a sketch. Imagine how I feel in real life)
Finally, after five minutes you see a way to walk past her. As you’re speeding up the tempo, she decides to walk in your way. Yes, again. So you can’t walk past her. You’re starting to get annoyed and you just tap the lady on her shoulder and ask if you can pass. This is the moment when she gives you the look of evil. Yes, she does. The nerve, huh? You decide not to make a big deal out of it, because you’re happy you can pass her.

So you continue walking towards the drugstore for your shampoo. And, believe it or not, there’s another obstacle. This is fun to read, isn’t it? This time it’s a couple and they’re holding each other’s hands. First you think: ah, how cute that they’re in love. But then you remember you need to get your shampoo and they’re blocking the way. The “ahhh” transforms into “argh!!”. And again, they don’t know how to walk. First they walk slowly. Then they start giving you hope by speeding up the tempo. But then all of a sudden the lady stops. You almost bump into her. And as if that isn’t bad enough, she starts talking to some old friend she hasn’t seen in ages and they’re blocking the way. Yes, they are. This time, with your previous experience, you decide not to wait any longer and tap her on the shoulder. “Excuse me lady, can I pass through, please?”, you ask with a friendly smile. Again, the filthy look, but she gets out of the way.

By now you’re very annoyed and you’re thinking about buying the shampoo another time. But remember, soldier, you’ve come a long way and the next time you just need to start over again. With this in mind you keep on walking. This story wouldn’t be fun with just two examples, would it? So we’re adding another scenario. This time there’s a woman with a baby buggy and another child walking next to her. This is the ultimate challenge, soldier. Are you able to pass them without losing temper? Let’s find out.

So the mommy, the buggy and the little kid. You know what, I’m so very irritated, that I’m not even going there. You get the point: people don’t know how to walk and they’re rude.

BUT! I have found the solution for this.

Behold. The perfect solution for people who don’t know how to walk in public areas. I’ve thought about this many times, but when I actually saw a relevant picture on the internet, my life brightened up a little. Now, let’s replace “New Yorkers” with “Hurrying/Normal people” and “Tourists” with “dumbasses who don’t know how to walk”. Any dumbasses crossing the border will get a fine of twohundred bucks. Cash. And they need to adopt a chicken or whichever farm animal makes a lot of sound. That’ll teach them.

Et voilà, our problems are solved. Writing this blog post was my contribution to the solution of this problem. Now, who’s going to write a letter to the government?

Coffee flowing through my veins


My love for coffee goes far, very far. I’m one of those people that starts her day with a good cup of coffee. I need coffee to wake up and to start my day. However, my reason is different than most people’s. I don’t need coffee in the morning, because of the caffeine. No, I need to start the day with something delicious. I need to taste the delightful taste of coffee, before I can handle the world. How-ever. If you manage to ruin my coffee, you ruin my day. Like I said, I need deliciousness to start my day, not the caffeine. And if you manage to ruin that, oh God help me, because I will ruin your day too. Okay, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just complain all day about how bad my coffee was and how I wish you’d fall in a gap and get acid thrown all over you. And next time I see you I avoid you and I give you the evil look. I want good coffee, human. Why is that so hard to understand?

My favourite? That’s easy. I love a cappuccino with hazelnut or caramel. There’s nothing that can beat a good cappuccino with a delightful foam.. Hmm.. And I’m not talking about those chemical “just add some water and you’re done” kind of cappuccinos. No, I want mine fresh and foamy. I used to have a coffee machine and it rocked my world. I could make my own cappuccinos every morning and every other time I felt like it. Look at the picture above. That’s actually my picture. If that doesn’t look heavenly, I don’t know what does.

Unfortunately I don’t own the coffee machine anymore. The day the love of my life left my life was horrible. If you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk about it.. It hurts and it’s a gap in my heart I can’t seem to fill.


But all this coffee drinking isn’t that healthy for you and your body. I know that. Just yesterday I thought of how coffee can affect my teeth. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen people in your life with “coffee teeth”. And while you read that, you knew exactly what I meant. Those nasty brown teeth that just scream: “HELLO, I ENJOYED TOO MUCH COFFEE”. I know about that risk. Is it worth is to risk these ugly teeth? It is worth it to risk these ugly teeth. That’s how far my love for coffee goes. I mean, come on, dentists need to pay their bills too. They might as well pay them by fixing my teeth. I am willing to risk paying hunderds of euros to fix my teeth, just so I can enjoy my cup of coffee every day.

ImageNo, really. I want to turn in a scary woman with coffee teeth. Don’t judge me by my choice. Some people can be insecure about this. I mean, your teeth mean a lot. When you talk, you see teeth. When you smile, you see teeth. When you flirt, you hope to see some good teeth. But I don’t need anybody flirting with me, I just want some coffee. I wouldn’t mind getting my teeth pulled out on my 40th, because I enjoyed one too much. Go ahead, pull them out. Getting dentures would mean more coffee and less worrying about your teeth! See, it all works out perfectly fine. I got it all figured out.

ImageBy the way, I once read that coffee is actually good for your health. Maybe not for your teeth of your breath (coffee breath is the WORST!!), but it seems to be good for you health. It reduces things and reduces your chance on death with so much per cent. As you can see I didn’t read the whole articles. The only thing I know is that I’ve seen it a couple of times in different articles. I read “coffee” “good” “health” and that’s all I needed to be satisfied.

No, but seriously. To get back to the first part of this ramble: I need coffee in my life. Even though I know what it can do to my teeth and breath (again: coffee breath is HORRIBLE), I can’t live without it. Please, people that make coffee, learn how to make a good cup of coffee. Bad coffee can do more harm than you know. It can ruin days and even lives, if you’re not careful. And please, stop calling Starbucks coffee “coffee”, because it’s not. That coffee is just junk with sugar. Sometimes it’s good junk with sugar, but it’s definitely not coffee. They do have good hot coco though, but that’s off-topic.

And if you don’t like coffee, I have one thing to say: they served you bad coffee. There’s no way you can’t love the taste of coffee. It’s okay to pay much for a good cup of coffee, it’s worth it. If you’ve had a good cup of coffee once, you’ll think about it days and even years after.

So, this is for you, coffee. An 800+ words blog post about what I love about you. I appreciate you being in my life and I hope one day you’ll love me as much as I love you.



And to keep in today’s theme, I added this picture.

Coffee is my love, my life and my Valentine.