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Stop smiling at me like that

You’re all up in me
I can’t stay
But going isn’t an option either
When I decide to leave
You pull me back
When I decide to stay
You push me away

While you’re not pushing or pulling
You just sit there and let it happen
You’re in control of the strings
Attached to me
And you don’t even realize it

What is this trap you’ve caught me in?


23-02-2014 © 6shadesofbitter.


Be careful what you cook, Julius

The anger fills me up
The empty spaces are no longer empty
The missed parts are no longer empty
The broken pieces are no longer empty
As it fills me up I can feel everything in me changing

Changing in anger and hate
Yet I’m calm

Boiling and boiling and boiling
Can you give me something to cover this up?
Before I overcook
Ruin the stove
And we don’t want the stove ruined, now do we?

The lid is removed on purpose
But if you remove the lid
You have to understand that it gets messy
Who is going to clean up the mess?

It’s not me, as I am not me

03-09-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.


The introduction post with the introduction


Basically, that’s me. Yes, the little one that looks differently.

I think I’m speaking for many people when I say sometimes it’s not possible to share some thoughts with the people you know. You just simply can’t. Whether it is because they don’t understand due to IQ-issues, or because you’re not on the same level when it comes to thinking. Unfortunately both reasons apply in this case. That’s why I thank God on my bare knees for internet and internet friends. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that sounds.

Maybe it’s time for a little introduction. Hi, I usually don’t like people, but people do like me. I’m easily annoyed, but I’m also easily amused. At the moment I’m in my mid-twenty crisis, as I don’t know what to do with life. Let me rephrase that: I know what to do with life, but my age and budget don’t allow it. Did I mention I’m a grandma trapped in a 20’s body? Because I am.
Also, you can’t find anyone more realistic than I am. Down to earth, but at the same time I’m your number 1 dreamer. Confused yet? Because I am.

Prepare for the thoughts of this individualistic individual. Because that’s what this blog’s about.

Oh and welcome. But don’t get too comfy.

Until next time,