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I need your face smashed on the ground

Just when
I think I got rid of you
You jump right back

If this was a a game of bungee jumping
And you jumped back again
I’d cut your rope

With no regrets at all
You’d make the final fall

13-05-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.


Complaining about complaining

Just another day at the office today. Another, miserable day at the office. Don’t get me wrong: it’s okay here. But the day is miserable. This is one of those days that make you wonder about why you’re actually doing what you’re doing. Does sitting here really make a difference for your future or for society? Does it really? I can’t see how it makes a difference. I don’t. For me it’s important that I’m here for my future. Read that literally: it’s important that I’m here. Because, really, my contribution is not that big. If I’d skip a day, it’ll look like a big deal, but it actually isn’t.
So I’m wondering, what should I do to make that difference for my future? To make a difference you need to work hard. And I don’t mean sitting behind your desk from 08.30h till 17.00h. That’s not working hard. Whoever claims it is, that’s just bullshit. Bull. Shit.

If you really want to make something of your life, you need to work hard. Sweat. Call. Travel. Beg. Convince.
We all know that, yet we settle for less. We settle for an office job and complain how miserable our lives are.

I guess that’s life until we burn up.