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Here you have your knife back, you left it in my back

Thorn in my throat
Fist around my heart
Tears in my eyes
Lies in my ears
Betrayal through my veins
Hate in my brain
Just go away..

22-04-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.


The letter that I’d love to send you

Warning: This post contains words of extreme violence that some might find disturbing and should not be read by young children.

You piece of crap,

You sicken me. Hope you choke in your saliva while you sleep. Hope you end up in the middle of nowhere, get raped in the butt with a blunt knife, dipped in acid and get salt on your wounds after. Hope you’ll drown in a big, dark ocean and that you can slowly and consciously feel the life leaving your body.

Hope you’ll end up in a Saw-scene where your teeth are getting pulled out, one by one, slowly while twisting them. Then you’ll get a mix of salt and alcohol to rinse your mouth. But you can’t spit it out, no, you need to swallow it down. And while the liquid is slowly entering your body through your esophagus, a knife will follow the liquid. You’ll be stabbed in the throat and the knife will go down, with the liquid, while still in your body. You need to be ripped open, because you’ll never learn.

While your body is – literally – open, you’ll be moved from your place. You’ll be tight up against the wall. It’s time for Chinese torture. Drip.. Drip.. Drip.. Waterdrops on the same spot, until you go insane. For hours, for days, for weeks. You need to be tortured, because you’ll never learn.

And just before you go insane all the way, you’ll get untied. Don’t worry, love, you’ll survive. And this time you’ll get a choice. Would you like to sit on a chair with rusty nails and needles or do you prefer lying down on – constantly – hot coals? Choose wisely, because you have to spend at least a day on them. You need to be punished, because you’ll never learn.

But I would never let you die. Never. I enjoy seeing you suffer way too much. No, you’re one to stay alive. Forever and ever. Until natural death do us part.


Yours truly,