Familiar stranger

My feet slowly get lifted
The ground disappears, because of lack of emotions
This feels familiar, yet unwelcome
Nesting under my feet, while my absence secretly starts slipping away
My conscience observes, yet it’s not aware
Looking without focus, talking without hearing

Blurry environment

Is it him again that is looking for me?

15-03-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.


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About 6shadesofbitter

Blogger and realist. For my thoughts you can read https://6shadesofbitter.wordpress.com/

2 responses to “Familiar stranger”

  1. jimmydevious says :

    It is funny how some people in our lives feel like a “living beige purgatory” isn’t it?

    How could they be made from everything in atoms and DNA, when everything about them seems so…neutron-esque? 😛

    Deep stuff indeed. (Sorry, I would’ve been kind enough to like this, but the WordPresser is being ever so fussy today! ) 🙂

    • 6shadesofbitter says :

      Ex-act-ly. I couldn’t use better words than you just did 🙂
      Even though I didn’t mean this poem literally (which I could have, now I think about it), your description suits perfectly. Thank you for your comment! 😀

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