No need for dinero, because 25.000 euro could not be the hero

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Besides being sarcastic all the time, I also like to write poetry. Everything I write should not be taken literally. Think about what you read, just like I thought about what I wrote down. It may look like it makes no sense, but it actually does. There are no grammar mistakes, it’s all meant to be written this way. Oh, and this poem has nothing to do with money or its value.Ā 

A hundred voices
All at the same time
All at once

Do I listen to one, two or all of them
The sound is high
Too high
Too much

Every penny needs a side
Which makes no sense
If you don’t think about it

Come with me
To the land where we can be total failures
Where we all have no one
To the land where screaming is no problem

We fall down as waterfalls
Hard and painful, but together
We re-unite in our grave
As one, as a whole, together

Everything you stand for doesn’t stand
Without a side
Without two sides
It just glows in the dark

Like a stone, a gem from another planet

14-02-2013 Ā© 6shadesofbitter.



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2 responses to “No need for dinero, because 25.000 euro could not be the hero”

  1. helenvalentina says :

    Like this a lot!! It balances a really interesting message with humour and a deft delivery! Bravo! šŸ™‚

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