The introduction post with the introduction


Basically, that’s me. Yes, the little one that looks differently.

I think I’m speaking for many people when I say sometimes it’s not possible to share some thoughts with the people you know. You just simply can’t. Whether it is because they don’t understand due to IQ-issues, or because you’re not on the same level when it comes to thinking. Unfortunately both reasons apply in this case. That’s why I thank God on my bare knees for internet and internet friends. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that sounds.

Maybe it’s time for a little introduction. Hi, I usually don’t like people, but people do like me. I’m easily annoyed, but I’m also easily amused. At the moment I’m in my mid-twenty crisis, as I don’t know what to do with life. Let me rephrase that: I know what to do with life, but my age and budget don’t allow it. Did I mention I’m a grandma trapped in a 20’s body? Because I am.
Also, you can’t find anyone more realistic than I am. Down to earth, but at the same time I’m your number 1 dreamer. Confused yet? Because I am.

Prepare for the thoughts of this individualistic individual. Because that’s what this blog’s about.

Oh and welcome. But don’t get too comfy.

Until next time,



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4 responses to “The introduction post with the introduction”

  1. Nea Grigore says :

    Hehe! Look who’s talking about humor! I like your style, sarcasm and irony both in the same cup of coffee. I wanted to read more right after the ‘About’ section. Keep it up!

  2. jimmydevious says :

    Individualism is a rare thing these days….particuliarly with you young “whippersnapper twerpy” punks! 😉

    I only say that in this case with the deepest affection/jest….okay, MOSTLY deep….for I know ye not 😛

    But yes, BE YOURSELF, no one gets to live in your own skin except you (well, at least until the lazy aliens finally get of their lazy tentacles and invade already)

    Point is, it’s your skin, your life, so you might as well live it the way you want, and blog the way you want.

    Yay Individual ! 🙂

    • 6shadesofbitter says :

      I agree on that there’s a lack on individualism these days. Hahaha that’s true! Fortunately I don’t feel approached by your words, because, like I said, I’m a grandma trapped in a “young punk’s” body. 😛

      AGREE! People should spend more time on being theirselves instead of pleasing others by pretending they’re someone else. I’m still waiting on those lazy aliens, though. It’s about time they came and took some people with them! 😀

      I will blog away by sharing my thoughts. MY pure thoughts and no one else’s. Thank you for supporting me 😀

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