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No need for dinero, because 25.000 euro could not be the hero

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Besides being sarcastic all the time, I also like to write poetry. Everything I write should not be taken literally. Think about what you read, just like I thought about what I wrote down. It may look like it makes no sense, but it actually does. There are no grammar mistakes, it’s all meant to be written this way. Oh, and this poem has nothing to do with money or its value. 

A hundred voices
All at the same time
All at once

Do I listen to one, two or all of them
The sound is high
Too high
Too much

Every penny needs a side
Which makes no sense
If you don’t think about it

Come with me
To the land where we can be total failures
Where we all have no one
To the land where screaming is no problem

We fall down as waterfalls
Hard and painful, but together
We re-unite in our grave
As one, as a whole, together

Everything you stand for doesn’t stand
Without a side
Without two sides
It just glows in the dark

Like a stone, a gem from another planet

14-02-2013 © 6shadesofbitter.



Quote of the week

There’s one day that’s more depressing than Monday: Wednesday. The middle day. Just had weekend and the next weekend isn’t there yet. Here’s a quote to break the week.

“A narrow place is real big to the narrow-minded.”

– Berber saying

No explanation needed, I think.

Coffee flowing through my veins


My love for coffee goes far, very far. I’m one of those people that starts her day with a good cup of coffee. I need coffee to wake up and to start my day. However, my reason is different than most people’s. I don’t need coffee in the morning, because of the caffeine. No, I need to start the day with something delicious. I need to taste the delightful taste of coffee, before I can handle the world. How-ever. If you manage to ruin my coffee, you ruin my day. Like I said, I need deliciousness to start my day, not the caffeine. And if you manage to ruin that, oh God help me, because I will ruin your day too. Okay, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just complain all day about how bad my coffee was and how I wish you’d fall in a gap and get acid thrown all over you. And next time I see you I avoid you and I give you the evil look. I want good coffee, human. Why is that so hard to understand?

My favourite? That’s easy. I love a cappuccino with hazelnut or caramel. There’s nothing that can beat a good cappuccino with a delightful foam.. Hmm.. And I’m not talking about those chemical “just add some water and you’re done” kind of cappuccinos. No, I want mine fresh and foamy. I used to have a coffee machine and it rocked my world. I could make my own cappuccinos every morning and every other time I felt like it. Look at the picture above. That’s actually my picture. If that doesn’t look heavenly, I don’t know what does.

Unfortunately I don’t own the coffee machine anymore. The day the love of my life left my life was horrible. If you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk about it.. It hurts and it’s a gap in my heart I can’t seem to fill.


But all this coffee drinking isn’t that healthy for you and your body. I know that. Just yesterday I thought of how coffee can affect my teeth. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen people in your life with “coffee teeth”. And while you read that, you knew exactly what I meant. Those nasty brown teeth that just scream: “HELLO, I ENJOYED TOO MUCH COFFEE”. I know about that risk. Is it worth is to risk these ugly teeth? It is worth it to risk these ugly teeth. That’s how far my love for coffee goes. I mean, come on, dentists need to pay their bills too. They might as well pay them by fixing my teeth. I am willing to risk paying hunderds of euros to fix my teeth, just so I can enjoy my cup of coffee every day.

ImageNo, really. I want to turn in a scary woman with coffee teeth. Don’t judge me by my choice. Some people can be insecure about this. I mean, your teeth mean a lot. When you talk, you see teeth. When you smile, you see teeth. When you flirt, you hope to see some good teeth. But I don’t need anybody flirting with me, I just want some coffee. I wouldn’t mind getting my teeth pulled out on my 40th, because I enjoyed one too much. Go ahead, pull them out. Getting dentures would mean more coffee and less worrying about your teeth! See, it all works out perfectly fine. I got it all figured out.

ImageBy the way, I once read that coffee is actually good for your health. Maybe not for your teeth of your breath (coffee breath is the WORST!!), but it seems to be good for you health. It reduces things and reduces your chance on death with so much per cent. As you can see I didn’t read the whole articles. The only thing I know is that I’ve seen it a couple of times in different articles. I read “coffee” “good” “health” and that’s all I needed to be satisfied.

No, but seriously. To get back to the first part of this ramble: I need coffee in my life. Even though I know what it can do to my teeth and breath (again: coffee breath is HORRIBLE), I can’t live without it. Please, people that make coffee, learn how to make a good cup of coffee. Bad coffee can do more harm than you know. It can ruin days and even lives, if you’re not careful. And please, stop calling Starbucks coffee “coffee”, because it’s not. That coffee is just junk with sugar. Sometimes it’s good junk with sugar, but it’s definitely not coffee. They do have good hot coco though, but that’s off-topic.

And if you don’t like coffee, I have one thing to say: they served you bad coffee. There’s no way you can’t love the taste of coffee. It’s okay to pay much for a good cup of coffee, it’s worth it. If you’ve had a good cup of coffee once, you’ll think about it days and even years after.

So, this is for you, coffee. An 800+ words blog post about what I love about you. I appreciate you being in my life and I hope one day you’ll love me as much as I love you.



And to keep in today’s theme, I added this picture.

Coffee is my love, my life and my Valentine.


The introduction post with the introduction


Basically, that’s me. Yes, the little one that looks differently.

I think I’m speaking for many people when I say sometimes it’s not possible to share some thoughts with the people you know. You just simply can’t. Whether it is because they don’t understand due to IQ-issues, or because you’re not on the same level when it comes to thinking. Unfortunately both reasons apply in this case. That’s why I thank God on my bare knees for internet and internet friends. Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that sounds.

Maybe it’s time for a little introduction. Hi, I usually don’t like people, but people do like me. I’m easily annoyed, but I’m also easily amused. At the moment I’m in my mid-twenty crisis, as I don’t know what to do with life. Let me rephrase that: I know what to do with life, but my age and budget don’t allow it. Did I mention I’m a grandma trapped in a 20’s body? Because I am.
Also, you can’t find anyone more realistic than I am. Down to earth, but at the same time I’m your number 1 dreamer. Confused yet? Because I am.

Prepare for the thoughts of this individualistic individual. Because that’s what this blog’s about.

Oh and welcome. But don’t get too comfy.

Until next time,